The meeting of people, the artistic experimentation and the communion of affections consolidate the intentions that forward the Encontrarte Amares, since 2009.

A Festival of Art and Community that, biannually, has been proposing, through a pluridisciplinary program, the live dialogue between the radicality of the contemporary artistic thought and the tradicional heritage of the region of Minho.

Visual arts exhibitions, animated cinema, performing arts, radio, series of discussions and theoretical reflexion, artistic residencies, competitions and educational activities give shape to the intense program that culminates in the three days of the Festival, promoting an environment of experimentation, participation, gathering, active contemplation and freedom of thought.

The Encontrarte Amares reinforces the interest in the immaterial heritage of the region, evoking the gastronomy, customs, images and sounds, the stories and know-how. Hand in hand with the memory of the past, we will be confronted with a set of recent artistic projects that, in their various languages and themes, will defy us to think about what remains effective in the ordinariness of our days.