In Amares we propose a journey through the traditional flavors of Minho, a gastronomy rich and deeply rooted in the local identity, culture and agriculture.
Minho regional gastronomy is born from the products, the mountainous landscape and the way of life of its people and their traditions, like Ramalho Ortigão says:

"Há só um banquete português que desbanca todos os jantares de Paris, mas que os desbanca inteiramente: é a ceia da véspera de Natal nas nossas terras do Minho"

And to begin the repast you may experience the famous caldo verde, originally from Minho and later adopted by other regions of the country. 
Characterized as the marriage of flavor and sustenance by Correia de Oliveira and mentioned by several writers and poets in their works. 
It was immortalized by the singer Amalia Rodrigues in the interpretation of the poem Uma Casa Portuguesa writen by Arnaldo Ferreira

Basta pouco, poucochinho p´ra alegrar, uma existência singela...
É só amor, pão e vinho, e um caldo verde, verdinho a fumegar na tigela.

One can not speak of Minho without mention Papas de Sarrabulho, Rojões à Minhota,  Cozido à Portuguesa, Duck Rice, Roasted Pork Leg in the wooden oven, Roasted Veal or Pica no Chão.
And because drinking wine is an act of culture and we are here talking about gastronomy, we are oblied to speak about the inescapable Vinho Verde.
Amares is part of one of the major wine areas in Portugal, the sub-region Cávado. This sub-region is known for its tradition of vine growing and particulars as the  “hanged vineyard”. The culture of vines associated to knowledge and tradition, leads to the creation of Vinho Verde, unique in the world.
Light, aromatic and mildly alcoholic, stands out for its freshness and unique qualities. In white, the laurel is the predominant caste. In red, we highlight the Vinhão and Borraçal.
To close and as dessert you should taste Burnt-Cream Milk, Orange Pudding, produced with the most famous oranges of the country, Sweet Rice, the Formigos, the Rabanadas, the Drunk Pears, the Bolo Rei, the Pão de Ló, the Doces da Romaria or simply a juicy natural orange.

Restaurante a Rival

Rua Marques Rego, 2
4720-349 Ferreiros Amares
+3511 253 993 247

Restaurante Abadia

Largo da Nossa Senhora Abadia
4720-643 Bouro (Santa Maria),
+351 253 371 171

Restaurante Carias

Rua da Igreja, 5
4720-492 Goães Amares
+351 253 377 854

Restaurante Churrasqueira de Caldelas

Avenida Afonso Manuel
4720-116 Caldelas
+351 253 361 236

Restaurante Cruzeiro

Bouro (Santa Marta)
4720-688, Terreiro
+351 253 371 115

Restaurante Milho Rei

Praça do comércio, 69
4720 – 337 Ferreiros Amares
+351 253 993 328

Restaurante Recanto da Minhota

Rua de Cavaleiros, 9
4720-116 Amares
+351 253 992 578

Restaurante Tapada

Largo D.Gualdim Pais, 32
4720-013 Amares
+351 253 995 081 / 925 415 568

Restaurante Troia

Rua 25 de Abril, 27
4720-393 Ferreiros Amares
+351 253 993 240